Copyrighting a logo is one of the most important but also most neglected aspects of any business. If you want to secure your own identity and avoid being associated with frauds out there, you should remember to copyright or register the trademark of your business. I have encountered many businesses filing lawsuits against another because they have the same logo. Unfortunately for some of those who filed lawsuits, they did not copyright their logos so there really isn’t anything they can do about it. If you want to keep your identity, please take the time to copyright you logo. I swear, this will save you all the hassles and headaches later on. But one thing I often get asked about if I tell business owners to copyright is how to do it. If you are thinking the same thing, follow the easy steps I will outline for you below.


How to Copyrighting a Logo

Copyrighting a Logo             Copyrighting your logo has become easier nowadays. The copyright agency in the country accepts online application and it will take you only a few minutes to process your application for copyright protection. Go to the official website of the copyright agency and they already have the necessary steps you need to take written there. Click on the eCo button to start the registration process. You will then be asked to completely fill out the CO form. After filling up the form you need to upload a copy of your logo with the date of creation stamped on it. They accept files in .jpg, .gif, .pdf, or .psd files. You will then proceed to paying $35 using credit card or debit card. Then, print out your confirmation. You will just have to wait a few months for the approval and the certificate to be delivered to you.


How to Trademark your Logo

            Aside from copyrighting, trademark is also important to increase protection of your logo. This is also done through online application. Just go to their official website and click on the initial application button. Fill out that form and then upload your logo file. After that, you will be asked to fill out the intent to use form. This is to know where you intend to use and designate your logo for your business and where people can see it. If you decide to add another usage to your logo, you will need to refile your ITU form and pay an additional $50 for it. After filling out all the necessary files, you will be asked to pay $325 for the application plus $50 for the usage class you applied for.


Additional Information

Copyrighting a Logo            If you are uncomfortable with the new online application, you can actually just download the forms from their respective websites and mail it to the address written in the forms. But this manual process will take even more time to be processed and approved which is why it is highly advised that you apply online instead.


Protect your Image

            Protecting your logo is important so you get to keep the identity of your business and your products. Follow the copyrighting a logo steps above once you are done creating your logo to ensure that you get the protection your business needs immediately.